I am so glad you have decided to give herbal medicine a chance to improve your health!

So why would you use herbal medicine?

You know that feeling, where you feel that you are starting to rattle like a pill bottle; that every trip to the doctor means yet another medication and often to counteract the side effects of medication you are already taking. You really want out of this endless cycle as it seems you are never actually going to be well again (especially without all the medications). This is where a consultation with a herbalist can help. I am trained to get to the cause of your ailments and then treat the whole person. This may be with diet and lifetsyle advice, herbal medicine, teas or whatever else that I can see may help you.

What is herbal medicine?

Western Herbal Medicine (WHM) is a natural therapy which promotes a holistic treatment approach to disease and health conditions. As with all natural therapies it seeks to restore the natural balance of the body and functions in order for the body to heal itself. WHM uses plant-based preparations to achieve this, including leaves, flowers, roots and bark. These are prepared as liquid medicines, teas or poultices, or dried and used in pills and capsules. Herbal medicine can be used to restore the vitality of the body and rectify imbalances in the body. Although mostly western European herbs are used, we also use other indigenous herbs.


First consultation will take anywhere between one and two hours, as I will take down a full personal history;  this may involve some physical examination eg. blood pressure, iris investigation, check ears, take pulse and record breaths.

I may recommend herbs to treat your condition or I may recommend diet and lifestyle changes, or a combination of all three. Follow up consultations will be to see how you are going on prescribed herbal medication, whether that medication needs tweaking to improve results or to focus on other areas of concern.


First consultation - $120

Follow up consultations - $60

Please note: Herbal medicines are additional to consultation fees.

Liquid herbal medicines start at $25 for 100ml (enough for one week)

Herbal tablets vary in cost depending on the cost of the herb.

The fine print:

Herbs are not always a silver bullet or a fast fix. Some herbs can produce fast results, but for the most part they work fairly slowly, so please do not expect you will have some miraculous cure within hours or even days.

Herbs are not for everyone - depending on what other medications you are taking, some herbs may be contraindicated because they may block the action of a medication or enhance it. Some people have allergies to some plant genera. This will be discussed in your consultation.