Hello, it’s lovely to meet you …

I am a degree-qualified herbal medicine practitioner and proud mother of four who enjoys providing a unique clinical practice, connecting with nature and providing the resources where others can do the same. I achieve this by using two platforms – my professional clinical practice as a herbalist and my women’s weekend retreats.

CLINICAL PRACTICE – Hedgewitch Herbs

As a herbalist, I specialise in anxiety and depression and hold regular clinics Monday to Friday, except Wednesday between 8.00am and 4.00pm. Other times can be available on special request.

In days of yore the “Hedgewitch” was the local community healer and herbalist and I resonate with that. I like to put back into the community by providing affordable natural health consultations whilst still maintaining a professional and respected service. I charge $120 for the first consultation – which can take up to two hours and $60 for follow-up consultations. Herbal medicine prescribed is extra.

Women’s Weekend Retreats


My Women’s Weekend Retreats epitomise a natural way of life for me and those women who attend learn to reconnect with nature in a gentle and mindful way.

I believe that women in particular need time out from their busy lives, to clear their heads of all the dross and to slow down and connect with like-minded women. With a number of activities including meditation, mindful eating, contemplative bush walking,drumming and swimming; there is something for everyone.


I would be happy to meet you … if any of the above interests you or you would just love to have a chat to find out more … book an appointment today and let’s discuss your health and how we can improve it.