Designed with healing and wellness in mind…

Hedgewitch Herbs specialises in herbal teas specifically designed with healing and wellness in mind.

Traditionally, herbalists used herbal teas in conjunction with herbal formulas to treat a myriad of common ailments. These days people tend to drink herbal teas for pleasure and indeed the ritual of tea making can be very therapeutic on its own. Whilst Hedgewitch Herbs provides a number of pre-formulated herbal teas for your drinking pleasure, in consultation herbal tea may be recommended as part of a treatment.

The Shakespearean language below? Oh, I just like it  smile

Immune Support Tea

Yarrow; Elderflower; Peppermint

A most favoured herb Achillea Millefolium danceth with elegant Elder and magnificent Mentha to assist thy body when at its poorest. YEP it does!

Sleep Improving Tea

Chamomile; Passionflower; Lavender; Mugwort

When thou dost search for sleep, let the divine Sleep Tea find that place, and with a little witchery too, but alas not for those with child or child abreast!

Memory Enhancing Tea

Lemon Balm; Peppermint; Rosemary; Sage; Skullcap

Upon reflection, when thy grey matter is flagging, sit thee down and brew the Tea of Rememberances.

Windy Tea

Anise; Chamomile; Fennel; Passionflower; Peppermint

Oh for that little wind how thy stomach aches so; sip this tea to relieve thyself of this troublesome gas.

Big Organ Tea

Red Clover; Nettle; Chickweed

Thy skin being thy largest organ, can ofttimes become aggrieved by the elements and chemicals applied hereto. Take this tea to gentle thy skin and feel ahhh!

Snuffles Tea

Sage; Elderflower; Eyebright; Nettle

And how one loveth the beautiful flowers and the feline pets but they maketh one to sneeze and ones eyes to water; this tea will help with that.

Good Humour Tea

Chamomile; Fennel; Green Tea; Lavender; Lemon Balm; Sage

Lest thy humours become so unbalanced, that thou feel the need to kick the black dog, thou could partake of this enhancing tea to even thy tempers.


Calendula; Chamomile; Lemon Balm; Lemon Grass; Licorice; Peppermint; Red Clover; Rose Petals

Alas, thy festivities have taken their toll on thy internal parts and thou dost not feel OK! This tea will settle thy guts and allow thee to rest assuredly.


Holy Basil; Passionflower; Rosella

Thou may want to share this tea. It may calmeth thy nerves, supporteth thy heart function and reduceth thy blood pressure. A little tart of taste can be sweetened with honey.


Rosemary; Cloves; Cinnamon; Anise

Hail thy good fortune, thou hast found a tea that pleaseth thee both by taste and aroma and maketh fresh thy breath.


All teas will be available for purchase directly from Rustic Vintage Charm, 39 Downs Street, North Ipswich

from 24 October 2018