Designed with healing and wellness in mind…

Hedgewitch Herbs specialises in herbal teas specifically designed with healing and wellness in mind.

Traditionally, herbalists used herbal teas in conjunction with herbal formulas to treat a myriad of common ailments. These days people tend to drink herbal teas for pleasure and indeed the ritual of tea making can be very therapeutic on its own. Whilst Hedgewitch Herbs provides a number of pre-formulated herbal teas for your drinking pleasure, in consultation herbal tea may be recommended as part of a treatment. All of our herbs are certified organic and where possible are Australian Certified Organic. Quality is important when you want a therapeutic effect.

Immune Support Tea

Yarrow; Elderflower; Peppermint

YEP tea is well known for its delicate flavour and its assistance during times of coughs and colds. A great tea to have on hand for such occasions.

40g – $8.00 plus P&P

Sleep Tea

Chamomile; Passionflower; Lavender

This tea too is delicate in flavour and fantastic for taking just before bedtime. Along with a sleep hygiene routine, you won’t have sleep issues again!

40g – $10 plus P&P

Smart Tea

Lemon Balm; Peppermint; Rosemary; Sage; Skullcap

A great blend especially when you are studying and need that extra help retaining knowledge for exams. Great for that new job too!

40g – $8.00 plus P&P


Chamomile; Fennel; Green Tea; Lavender; Lemon Balm; Sage

Designed to be calming and nutritive this tea can help when you are feeling unsettled. However any anxiety or depression problems will possibly require stronger herbal formulae – please book with me!

40g – $9.00 plus P&P


Calendula; Chamomile; Lemon Balm; Lemon Grass; Licorice; Peppermint; Red Clover; Rose Petals

One of my favourites – delicious tasting and a plethora of gut herbs!

40g – $7.00 plus P&P


Holy Basil; Passionflower; Rosella

Another magnificent blend – It may calm your nerves, support your heart function and reduce your blood pressure. A little tart of taste, it can be sweetened with honey.

40g – $7.00 plus P&P

Love Tea

Rosella; Rose hips; Rose petals; Orange peel

My favourite blend for those days when you need a good hug and need to remember to love yourself too.

40g – $9.00 plus P&P

Blue Butterfly Pea

Blue Butterfly pea

Much has been written about Blue Butterfly Pea flower – it’s antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, skin healing properties amonst others. Many people like the blue coloured tea, which turns violet with the addition of lemon juice or other acid

40g – $11.00 plus P&P

I have a variety of Australian Certified Organic dried herbs for purchase; too many to list here. Please feel free to call me or email me (click on the contact us button top right hand corner) and if I don’t have what you want in stock I will have it within a week. 

If you would like to order any herbs or blends for tisanes, please email me with your order.