So, I was talking to my friend and I wanted to explain how organic nutritious food satiates you and is good for you. I’m stating the obvious I know; of course nutritious food is good for you because it provides your body with the nutrients it needs to execute some pretty amazing feats.

I explained it like this: you’re sitting there eating your fast food and watching TV at the same time. You come to end of the pack of chicken nuggets or whatever it was, and your body starts yelling (silently on the inside) WHERE ARE THE NUTRIENTS? I NEED NUTRIENTS AND I NEED THEM NOW! You mistakenly think that your body is asking for more food, so another serve of fries or packet of potato chips goes into the maw. The body starts yelling again and so the process goes until your stomach is fully stretched and full. Remember that your stomach is about the size of a thick sausage when it’s empty, so any amount of food more than that, will stretch it. Unfortunately for some, the capacity of the stomach can actually go up to about 2 litres!

So try this: you are sitting at the dining table eating a nutritious meal, perhaps salad or vegetables with maybe a small amount of meat. As you slowly chew your food, you picture it growing (in your own garden preferably and without pesticides or artificial fertilisers); you take note of the texture and taste of everything that is in your mouth, you swallow small bits at a time of well-chewed food as your saliva contains special enzymes designed to start breaking down the food and preparing the stomach for what is coming. Of course you don’t wash this down with soft drink or even copious amounts of water because you don’t want to dilute your stomach acid. Your body is smiling (silently on the inside) softly murmuring, “Thank you so much for the nutrients, I can ensure that every action from cellular level upwards can continue to occur with the least amount of stress to us and we are content”. At this point, we feel full or satiated, because the body has what it needs, no more, no less. Digestion is occurring and the nutrients are being picked up by the little couriers whose job it is and delivered to the correct portals for processing.  The back end of the system is gratefully receiving the waste products to process out the back door and all is well.

Just to rant a little further, you wouldn’t put bad oil or fuel in your car and expect it to perform well, so why do it to your body? And your body has to last a lot longer than a few years!