My thoughts today relive the moments spent in the bush at Yarramalong, in the place that I host my Women’s Weekend Retreats.

I enjoy these moments by myself before everyone arrives when I can just sit. My sit stone which looks very much like a sacrificial stone is becoming overgrown with the creeping cats claw vine which abounds in these parts and I have to clear that little bit of space in order to park my glutes.  But I am clearing space both for myself and for those who were to follow and a smile of contentment shows that I feel confident everyone will enjoy this piece of heaven on earth. I have no need to revise my checklists of what to bring or to question my choice of vegetarian meals as it is all tried and tested and terrific! My thoughts are clear and unfettered by should-a, could-a, would-a, or the constant wondering and worrying about those who mean the most to me.

So I sit with eyes closed today and breathe in the cool fresh air, warmed by the sun on my back and listening to melodious birdsong, whispering trees and the tinkling stream. Breathing in ….. and out …… being mindful of my breath and my senses without allowing them to overwhelm me – just allowing these sensations to pass across my thoughts and disappear like wispy clouds.

Later as I return to the here and now, I hear vehicles on the road, a plane flying overhead and sirens from a distance emergency. I’ve had a few minutes of escapism and am ready to face another challenge in the office. Up from my seat and back up the stairs!

But I can recall at a moment’s notice that serene place where my heart feels free and nurtured. I will be back before long for another immersion in this mindful place.

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