I am seeing more and more how scattered we as humans have become. There has been and still is such a huge emphasis on multi-tasking in our electronic era especially for women who are expected to juggle children, partners and work with the added pressures of achieving high incomes to match the desired lifestyle, that I fear we will have a generation or two of burnt out women with low self-esteem because these goals are unattainable or unsustainable.

What if we were to strip our lives back to bare bones? Basic requirements are food, clothing and shelter. Of course we can add air and water (a given), sanitation, touch and sleep. There are people on this planet who do live very simply; whose lives are not complicated by what colour curtains will go with the lounge suite or where to get the best tasting double Ristretto Venti half-soy non-fat decaf organic chocolate brownie iced vanilla double-shot gingerbread Frappuccino extra hot with foam-whipped cream upside-down double-blended (I think that is one coffee – I Googled it!). What if we all lived in small villages, grew enough vegetables to feed our families and spent time with our young ones teaching them the wisdom of nature?

Yes perhaps I am being idealistic, but I firmly believe we can all cut back a little and focus more on what we need right now. Right this minute. Separating needs from wants.

My women’s weekend retreats are about being mindful. They are earthy and grounding. We have food, clothing and shelter. We also have face to face conversation, meditation, drumming, forest bathing and other mindful activities. We have everything we truly need, if only for a weekend.

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