Salad jars are so convenient!

Do you like to eat nutritious vegetarian salads for lunch but just don’t have the time to prepare them? Wait ‘til you taste these salads – they are expeditious, they are delicious, and best of all they are nutritious. Simply shake them out into your bowl and start eating! So convenient. There is plenty of variety and some sensational flavours!

From the wonderful feedback I have received from my Women’s Weekend Retreats, I have decided to make my salad jars available to you every week. I have started out with the Favourite Five and then as interest grows I will expand the range.

For those of you who have not had the good fortune to try these salads, a brief explanation: The salads will be made up freshly on Sunday – this will ensure that they will still taste as fresh and scrumptious by Friday. All the fruit/vegetable ingredients are organic or at the very least spray-free, depending on availability. They come with their own handmade dressing. I can make these salads with or without specific ingredients (e.g. if you don’t like onion, then it won’t be included in your salad). At the end of the week, you simply return the jars and pickup your next week’s supply!

It couldn’t be easier! A list of ingredients is provided so that you can choose what salads suit your taste or health requirements; remember some ingredients can be simply removed from the recipe.

How convenient!

Delicious – Expeditious – Nutritious

At only $35 for five medium-sized salads your lunches are covered! If you are interested, text me on 0405 385 925 or email