When I first started studying herbal medicine and realising what a great thing it is, in my naivety I believed that herbal medicine was the be all and end all. No more would I be taking antibiotics or anything prescribed by my doctor! The side effects of these drugs, the possible dependency and the whole ‘rattling like a pill bottle’ I found really abhorrent. No allopathic medicine for me! I would be making my own medicines fresh from herbs in my garden and people would flock to my practice as they were educated to understand that phyto medicine really is the best!

Well, it has been a quite a few years since I began and completed my BHSc. In that time, I was a very healthy individual and rarely went to the doctor anyway. Not so my dear husband and whilst the herbal medicine that I gave him certainly slowed the growth of the tumour and with time I think could have arrested the growth and maybe even disabled the cancer, we did not have the time.

In the meantime I have treated a number of illnesses and ailments with herbs successfully. That I have personally maintained such good health over these last few years with a lot of stress is testament to the efficacy of herbs. I have taken them as a preventative and in the early stages of coughs and colds with great success.

Then we get to this week – I have had to go to my doctor as I have been unwell for several weeks.   It started with a virus which I had largely shaken off, then another virus which surreptitiously caught me whilst my immune system was recovering from the first virus. Long story short, I ended up with bronchitis and although I know a herb that is great for treating that, there are reasons that I could not take it. In the meantime I was getting physically weaker and some days could barely get out of my own way. Hence the visit to the doctor. She was wonderful – she asked lots of questions, she explained all that she was intending to do and insisted on giving me a course of antibiotics (ABs). They really aren’t my preference but I needed to get well and get well soon. So today is the third day of ABs and I feel very close to jumping out of my skin – back to the energetic person I was a few months ago. I will of course continue with my immune enhancing herbs and probiotics to mitigate the sanitising effect of the ABs on my gut flora.

If the herbs aren’t working for you, then please go to your doctor, but choose a good one. A doctor who explains the what, where, why, when and how of your illness and does not hand out ABs like lollies. A doctor who takes the time to exam you and take your blood pressure – all these things are important in building the story of why you are there. A doctor who considers your diet and lifestyle and what small but significant changes can be made for the betterment of your health. This is the naturopathic approach – examining the whole picture not just presenting symptoms.

After this weekend 22/23 September (Mindful Immersion Retreat time!) I will be back in my clinic. If you have any health concerns or would like some advice, please call me on 0405 385 925 to book an appointment!